Maureen Brice Bordelon is not a licensed therapist nor does she claim to be one. She is a Parent knocking down barriers, climbing mountains and creating a better life for her children and fellow Parents on this Journey.  She is a published author and has produced online Digital Content, blogs, and Workshops for parents to help communicate and de-code to embrace the life of their child with "extra needs" and challenges. The Content on the website is not intended to give medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If an emergency call 911.
​​The awareness of Autism has grown in the world, along with the number of families who are dealing with the pain, mystery, finances, and exhaustion of this epidemic. The journey is for the strong of heart, love, understanding and faith wrapped up in Teflon armor; these remarkable participants of autism do not volunteer for this journey, but are drafted into the depths of an altered path of unknown certainties and enormous is no wonder that the Autism Community is made of Warrior parents and children that strive for answers, help, treatments, acceptance, hope, and compassion. 
thing you need to do is look past the LABEL and start addressing the SYMPTOMS.
- SECOND thing...SEE the CHILD not the CHALLENGES!

​I am a member of this community and have nurtured our child, family and myself through heartache, loss, joy, hope and enlightenment. Along the way I have had to wear different "Hats" in numerous fields of interest to attain goals, treatments and remedies including hbot, stem cells therapy & essential oils, all of which I have accumulated and hang on
my Autism HatRack.

I have published a book, blog for the Dallas Morning News, am a Speaker, support a community of essential oilersand I advocate for our "extra needs" community everyday.​ I am an Autism Advisor who consults with parents to help identify the next steps in their journey with themselves and their loved ones. If you are a parent in need, start with my FREE Top 10 Steps Autism Action Plan, and reach out to me so we can activate a successful, pathway for you and your loved ones today!



​​​​HELLO!   I am so glad you are here...I mean, know, at your computer, smart phone, ipad...whatever technology tool you are using - I am grateful you found me! I am an Author, Speaker & Autism Advisor (in no particular order), navigating this beautiful, crazy, wonderful thing called life. 

Over 23 years ago, I was blessed to be a Mama for the first time, then blessed a total of 3 times through the decades (my goodness that word makes me feel…wise). I must say Mamahood is an adventure in itself, but when the curveball of Autism is thrown into the mix, you find life gets a little flipped. I had to delve into the world of biochemistry, nutrition, therapies, special education, alternative medicines, and more!

​meet Maureen - Author, Speaker & Autism Advisor

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