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 ​​​​​My Autism HatRack- The Life Flip Content
 PART I - The Life Flip
 Chapter 1:   The Good Luck Kiss Off
 Chapter 2:  Whack! Welcome to Autism!
 Chapter 3:  Hello God, Are you there? It's Me Maureen
 Chapter 4:  When a Door Closes, a Window Opens
 Chapter 5:  ….And then the Therapies
 Chapter 6:  Finding My "Hope Hat"
 Chapter 7:  Grab a Bowl and Make your "Life Mix"
 Chapter 8:  Breaking in my "Advocacy Hat/Helmet"
 Chapter 9:  The "Sibling Mix"
 Chapter 10: The School Adventures
 Chapter 11:  God wasn't silent anymore
 Chapter 12:  The Healing
 Chapter 13:  The Missing Piece of the Puzzle
 Chapter 14:  My Autism Outlook


​ PART II - My "Hats"
 Chapter 15: The "Mama Hat"
 Chapter 16: The "PMS Hat"
 Chapter 17: The "Immunologist Hat"
 Chapter 18: The "What Diet Now? Hat"
 Chapter 19: The "Essential Oils and Autism Hat"
 Chapter 20: The “Wonder Mama Headband”
 Chapter 21:  My “Hope, Dream, Believe Hat”
 Therapies on My Autism HatRack
 Spiritual References
 Treatment References​

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My purpose in this life is to help the families in the Autism Community navigate their journey in the World of Autism!  Enjoy this sneak peek into my book where I lay it all out for you to take and learn from our celebrations, mistakes, successes and survival pathway to hope and healing for my son, family and self!


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