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"Inspiring page-turner revealing a family's journey with their son's autism plus tips to help families. This book is so inspiring, heart-felt and full of the gritty challenges dealing with the world of autism. The author, Maureen Bordelon, never gives up on her son and searches for answers. This book gives hope, encouragement and details out solutions for parents seeking answers. This is THE BOOK you'll want to buy as a gift to all those needing encouragement and certainly anyone with a child on the autism spectrum. Be inspired!"- Dina G

"WONDERFUL! I couldn't put it down" - Jim G

"This book is TREMENDOUS! I highly recommend it! Her journey is touching, heartfelt, honest, and encouraging. In this book, Maureen gives parents encouragement and real help via steps to consider to help children heal and move forward." - Leigh W 

"It's a Marvelous Book!" - Ezster S 

"I got my book from Maureen Brice Bordelon a week ago and have enjoyed every page from beginning to end. Maureen, you are such an inspiration." - Gloria G

"Maureen, I have just finished reading your book cover to cover and just stopped crying. Your book is so good and powerful" - Sharon RB
What do you do when you are told your child has Autism? 

You cry...then you take a deep breath, and put on your “big girl” (or boy) panties! You get to work wearing many different "Hats" to take on therapies, diets, environmental toxins, behaviors, special education, sibling survival, hope, advocacy, recovery and more. There will be many "Hats" to try on, but the most important obstacle you will face as a Parent is to ALWAYS see YOUR CHILD, not the Challenge.

My book reveals the journey of how we make everyday recovery a reality. Read what mistakes we made and the successes we achieved so you can make use of the precious time and finances you have. Learn from our journey so you can start your Hope & Healing Today!