Maureen Brice - Advocate, Author & Mama of  3

Maintaining the Wellness Zone has taken the span of our child's lifetime...and we are not finished.  Jonathan was vaccine injured at 3 months old with the DTaP, Hib, Hep B, and Polio vaccines, consumed GMO, soy baby formula for his first 18 months and then continuous environmental toxins assaulting his compromised immune we had to take an over all healing approach: biomedical, emotional, behavioral, neurological, spiritual…just to name a few.

I looked “out of the box” for natural solutions to help support his over all challenges, because pharmaceutical & over the counter remedies were not working.  

​On this page, you will find:
- A free TOP TEN Starting Steps guide for you to use and share.  
- I have also written an online webbook on Essential Oils for Sensitive Systems & our loved ones with “Extra Needs”
- Parenting book to help you along the road of recovery from a “How the heck do I navigate this Autism World” point of view…