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Hydrogen Enriched H2Bev-supports medical needs

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Maintaining the Wellness Zone has taken the span of our child's lifetime...and we are not finished.  Jonathan was vaccine injured at 3 months old with the DTaP, Hib, Hep B, and Polio vaccines, consumed GMO soy baby formula for his first year of life which created a compromised immune system. I had to take an over all healing approach: biomedical, emotional, behavioral, neurological, spiritual…just to name a few.

I searched “out of the box” for natural solutions to help support his over all challenges, because pharmaceutical & over the counter remedies were not working. I have accumulated, written about and shared valuable information in the mediums below. Also check out Daymark Living and the Hydrogen Enriched Water we consume everyday. 

Goal Oriented, Independent Living

​On this page, you will find:
- A free TOP TEN Starting Steps guide for you to use and share.  
- I have also written an online webbook on Essential Oils for Sensitive Systems  & our loved ones with “Extra Needs”
- Parenting book to help you along the road of recovery from a “How the heck do I navigate this Autism World” point of view…
- Daymark Living- A community built for Amazing people with IDD to begin their pathway to Independence.

Daymark Living was created with one purpose: to help adults with learning differences and intellectual delays reach their fullest potential.

​meet Maureen - Author, Speaker & Autism Advisor