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Angel Card Readings

Are you needing clarity & guidance regarding Life, Career, Relationships, Health...YOU?

Then let me help YOU - get the answers that will support your best life!

The Reading...
I use a variety of card decks, and when a session is booked- we will confirm which deck is best for your messages and guidance. This makes sure the energy and choices are what is needed at the specific time-frame.


All readings are done online for easy accessibility and the option to record the session is available.

I bring my divine, intuitive blessings to every reading - channeling the energy of angelic forces, God, Spirit - to interpret the symbolism and messages within the cards.


Next Steps...

Book your reading online and fill out the Angel Card Reading Form, with the opportunity to ask TWO questions that you want guidance and answers for.

I will contact you back with the next steps to move forward with your reading.

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