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My Autism HatRack - The Life Flip

In 2002, the curveball of Autism knocked me and my family for a life flip I never saw coming; nor did society, doctors or the education system...because no one knew what the hell to do to help Me heal my youngest Son.
I wasn't going to leave his health, humanity and future up to his Pediatrician's forecast of institutions, isolation and hopelessness diagnosis, delivered with in a "Good Luck" handshake, so I got to work!
My Autism HatRack- The Life Flip is the journey into healing, while navigating the abyss of Autism- one "Hat" at a time! If someone you love has Autism- this book will give you insight, hope and healing strategies to see your child, not the challenge.

Print & eBook published 2013 and in 2020, I  went to the studio and recorded the AudioBook edition...My favorite is the AudioBook version with some updated info! See what people are saying about it :)

My Autism HatRack- The Life Flip A Parenting book on how to navigate Autism and find Hope & Healing.

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