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The HIGBE Protocol

Ready to Rebuild & Reboot your Immune System?
Now you can with The HIGBE Protocol-
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HIGBE Protocol Wellness Plan

The HIGBE Protocol = 5 targeted categories to Rebuild Your Immune System

I created the HIGBE Protocol in 2019, after months of a life threatening-mysterious illness that multiple Doctors could not figure out- I finally discovered I was exposed to toxic mold, formaldehyde, and other neurotoxins in our home and environment.

Holy crap - it did a number on me: wiped out my immune system, damaged my lymphatic and central nervous systems, whacked out my vestibular system causing vertigo, brain fog, fatigue, hormone disruption, depletion of electrolytes, nutrients...and truly scared the hell out of me...however, I am not one to wallow in fear and pain, so I took 22 years of health "know-how" and started to figure out how to heal myself-and I have.

The HIGBE Protocol targets 5 top categories to rebuild & reboot the immune system:

  • Hormones  - Inflammation - Gut - Brain - Environment = HIGBE!

I based my HIGBE Protocol off of the right nutrition, science driven data and products, combined with 22+ years experience and a lifestyle of helping my youngest son heal from biomedical Autism- the results:
I rebuilt my immune system, balanced my hormones, re-vitalized my Central Nervous System/Vagus Nervous System, detoxed multiple toxins embedded in my organs. I am fully recovered and expanded my expertise in Auto Immune Diseases, became a Certified Health Coach & Holistic Health Practitioner.

My passion is to inspire clients with guidance, nutritional expertise and using energetic and holistic modalities to support whomever wants a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.


Book a Wellness Session with me, and we can go from there!
I will assess your current wellness status and then begin a simple, step by step strategy that is easy and functional. We will implement the HIGBE Protocol, Holistic Heath and Frequency Modalities according to your needs for harmonious results.

Everyone's pathway to wellness may be different, so let's figure your pathway's route.

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