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Meet Maureen

Maureen Brice Health & Wellness Coach

Author, Autism Expert, Certified Health Coach & so much more...


MEET Maureen, the visionary force behind Hope Dream Believe, where healing and transformation take center stage. With over two decades of expertise as a certified Health Coach, Autism Specialist, and Biofeedback Practitioner, Maureen's journey is marked by innovation, empathy and compassion.

Distinguished by her holistic approach, Maureen seamlessly intertwines diverse modalities to create a truly unique healing experience. Beyond her established roles, Maureen is also a certified Angel Tarot Card Reader, adding a spiritual dimension to her practice. Through intuitive readings, she sheds light on pathways to self-discovery and empowerment.

Maureen's Credentials...

...consist of over 22 years experience in the trenches of Neurodiversity, Autism, nutrition, advocacy, alternative therapies, holistic health, mainstream therapies, quantum physics- frequency modalities...all of these methods- creating pathways of healing.


Most recently, she had to rebuild her own immune system after being exposed to toxic mold and other environmental hazards, that almost took her life in March 2019. Today, she is healthy again and armed with strategies and answers, that can help you stay well in our world.

The professional roadmap:

- Thrown the curve ball of Autism in 2001 and began a new journey of advocacy, healthcare, and created Parenting support groups.

- Became a Certified Health Coach in 2020.

- Created the HIGBE Protocol: a targeted approach to wellness.

- A published author of books and an audiobook , covering parenting, wellness and hope.

- She has been a Blogger for the Dallas Morning News .

- She is an Inspirational Speaker sharing stories of hope and healing.

- Host and creator of the PMS (Positive Mind-Set) Autism Moms' Workshops.


My Autism HatRack- The Life Flip Audiobook is now available. You are encouraged to listen, in her own words, how she found hope & healing in the world of Autism- One "Hat" at a time...which began her wellness journey.


If you are ready to pursue your wellness path- let's connect!




Maureen Brice Bordelon Health Wellness Coach
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