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Meet Maureen

Author, Autism Expert, Certified Health Coach & so much more...



I am so glad you are here...I mean…there. You know at your computer, smart phone, iPad or whatever technology you’re using - I am grateful you found me!


I’m an Author, Autism Expert, Certified Health Coach, Wellness & Holistic Health Practitioner, (in no particular order), navigating this beautiful, adventure called life. My bedrock of operation is WELLNESS for my loved ones, myself and my clients...and I am sharing what I have learned about rebooting our body's immune system and living a healthy lifestyle.  

My mission is to enlighten the masses, by sharing that shifting your mindset and nutrition, will bring balance, harmony and healing into your life. 

My Credentials...

...consist of over 22 years experience in the trenches of Neurodiversity, Autism, nutrition, advocacy, alternative therapies, holistic health, mainstream therapies...all of these methods- creating pathways of healing.


Most recently, I had to rebuild my own immune system after being exposed to toxic mold and other environmental hazards, that almost took my life in March 2019. Today, I am healthy again and armed with strategies and answers, that can help you stay well in our world.

- Became a Certified Health Coach in 2020.

- Created the HIGBE Protocol: a targeted approach to wellness.

- I am a published author of books and an audiobook , covering parenting, wellness and hope.

- I have been a Blogger for the Dallas Morning News .

- I am an Inspirational Speaker sharing stories of hope and healing.

- Host of PMS (Positive Mind-Set) Workshops.


My AudioBook is now available; My Autism HatRack- The Life Flip. I encourage you to listen in my own words, how I found hope & healing in the world of Autism...which began my wellness journey.


If you are ready to pursue your wellness path- let's connect!




Who I Help...

My own wellness experience started with the  health challenges of my youngest son and Autism 22 years ago...then myself in I take my expertise and help anyone ready to empower themselves and find a Wellness Balance in their lifestyle.

How I Do It...

Creating a custom, HIGBE Protocol with a step-by-step plan based off a client's current heath status.

The 1st step is an one-on-one, remote or in person, 90 minute intake assessment to get a baseline of your current health and goals...then we go from there with tools to empower your wellness pathway.

What's in It for You...

Honestly, that will be up to YOU!

I can support, inform, guide, cheer-on, engage energy-frequencies modalities and so much more...but YOU will need to empower yourself with the remedies provided and walk your pathway to wellness.

Let's connect and start your balance of

Mind, Body & Soul!

Blessings & Wellness, Maureen

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