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Is Your Wellness out of Whack?

Wellness is more than just nutrition...
Wellness is the Balance of One's Mind, Body & Soul.

Do you feel like you are playing whack-a-mole with your health- and chasing ailments, symptoms, remedies and cures- but not getting better?

I've been there and it sucks...Well, let's figure this shit out!

The daily goal is to find balance and maintain it as a lifestyle- that fills your heart with joy, engages your mind with purpose and maintains your body in a functioning, healthy mode.



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Maureen's Mission...

My name is Maureen and my passion is to support you finding wellness in a balanced lifestyle...and I have made it EASY!

  • Starting with my HIGBE Protocol where we will target the top 5 categories, to rebuild your Immune System.

  • Embracing healthy nutrition - creating a step-by-step plan targeting your specific wellness needs.

  • Customized Coaching sessions.

  • Implementation of Energetic, Holistic Health modalities & using biofeedback modalities, that will bring balance, harmony and healing into your life.

    Let's connect and find your Wellness Balance!

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