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Wellness is more than just nutrition...Wellness is the Balance of One's Mind, Body & Soul.

"A groundbreaking wellness program to rebuild & reboot your Immune System = HIGBE"

"Certified Angel Card Reader adding a spiritual dimension to her practice"

"Limited/Non-Verbal clients find a voice through her unique abilities"

"Through nutrition, intuitive guidance and quantum restore balance & harmony."

"You have ONE beautiful life to live...Make It Count!"

Introducing Maureen, a multi-talented wellness practitioner and the visionary behind Hope Dream Believe. With over two decades of experience as an Autism Parent, Certified Health Coach & Intuitive Empath, Maureen's journey encompasses a rich tapestry of knowledge and skills that extend far beyond the ordinary.

Adding another layer to her offerings, Maureen has introduced a groundbreaking wellness program she has aptly named HIGBE. This comprehensive program focuses on rebuilding one's immune system by targeting five essential categories: Hormones, Inflammation, Gut health, Brain function, and the Environment. By addressing these foundational pillars of well-being, HIGBE empowers individuals to achieve optimal health from every angle.

Whether you seek relief from health concerns, guidance within the autism spectrum, or a renewed sense of vitality, Maureen offers a comprehensive suite of services that intertwine science, intuition, and innovation.


Join Maureen at Hope Dream Believe and unlock the power of intuition, nutrition, compassion, and connection...You have one beautiful life to live...Make It Count!

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